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Boysen Hodgson is a Graphic Designer living in Springfield, MA. Boysen specializes in print advertising, logo design, direct mail marketing, product photography and branding.
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Hodgson, Olson-Hodgson. Kendra and I always trade ideas and share expertise. H2O is the culmination of that partnership. U

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Hi! Welcome to my old web site. I leave this site up to remind myself of where I came from ... because the coding on this page scares me.

For a much more up to date look at my work and my company, please visit

There are a number of features in my portfolio on this site - and quite a bit of photography, feel free to stay and look around. H2O Marketing, Inc. has now been serving a wide variety of clients for over 4 years. I still do a significant amount of graphic design, but my main focus is on web design and web development. I build easy to maintain web pages harnessing the technical skills of a web programmer with my aesthetic sense of style.

You can get a great web site for not a lot of money! Check out H2O Marketing, Inc. to learn more and to get started.




  • Start-up Packages including LOGO DESIGN, BROCHURE and BUSINESS CARDS
  • WEB DESIGN. CREATE a new web site for your company getting the customized look that you deserve for a lot less than you thought you'd spend.
  • PROJECTS, PROJECTS, PROJECTS - Need a new T-shirt, Mug, Pen, Hat, Custom Puzzle designed for your upcoming special event, reunion, training? I can do that.
  • COPYWRITING and EDITING - I graduated summa cum laude with a BA in English. I have been doing advertising, marketing and business copywriting for 9 years. If you need to rework you website, your brochure, your company business plan, I can help.
  • CREATIVE MARKETING and MARKETING CONSULTATION - I will work with you to come up with the perfect pithy promo for your business OR to create a comprehensive marketing strategy to get your business positioned the way you want it.
  • MOTION GRAPHICS - Maybe you already have website, but you need to add that little punch with some motion graphics. I am highly skilled with Macromedia FLASH. I can help you.

When you are ready to take your marketing to the next level, call Boysen Hodgson. With the amount of knowledge and experience he has, he is ready to help you meet your challenges.

Here is what some clients have had to say.

As a business owner, it's very important to have an external team that's reliable and creative. I feel that Boysen is one of my best team members.

- Wendy Krivicky,
the Bookkeeping Barn

Boysen is my primary visual and graphic design team member in the development of and our related marketing materials.  I appreciate his creative mind, his skilled eye and hands, and especially his ability to work with me to help manifest the vision that has been evolving in my head.  I get lots of positive response about and our marketing materials.  Boysen's work is the heart of what makes both so visually appealing.

- Will Flanders
ValleyLists, LLC

I have found Boysen's intuitive design and marketing solutions to be right on the money. Boysen managed to capture the look and feel that would speak directly to my target audience and not be perceived as another advertisement. If you want to get the greatest impact for your marketing dollars, you need Boysen on your team! -

Darren Engstrom,
Professional Business Coach

The best part about working with Boysen to develop my company's logo was that he really took the time to understand the vision for my company and the image that will represent it to the public both in-person and online.  I appreciated the in-depth questions and the time he spent teaming with me to create a beautiful logo.   He didn't stop until it was absolutely what I wanted, and what he developed is pure perfection.

- Kathryn Beachy
Studio B Yoga -


New web additions to my portfolio.

Complete Development of D and D Cabinets, Inc. - D and D Cabinets is a custom cabinetry and kitchen showroom in New Hampshire. This site features several Flash pieces.

Graphic Revision for the Datalever Corporate Web Site - Datalever is a leading provider of data quality software to mid and large sized companies in many industries.

Promotional site for the book: The Macho Paradox - A web site for a book of the same name by a progressive anti-violence advocate / activist and speaker, Jackson Katz.

Jackson Katz's Web Site: - Jackson Katz's professional web site. Jackson is a nationally recognized speaker and activist in anti-violence work. I am proud to be associated with the groundbreaking work he has been doing for the last 15 years. His site is rich with resources.

Hop River Concrete Company: - Hop River Concrete Company. The rapidly growing business of a friend of mine, Peter Jacques. Peter is a man with a lot of depth and a lot of fluidity in his nature, even though he runs a concrete company. This is the look I went for.

Other Web Sites:

Valley Lists - is the brainchild of my good friend Will Flanders. I designed the LOGO and created the visual style of the site. The programing was done by Art Zemon and the Hen's Teeth Network. The site is a community portal and collection of very useful information including business listings, non-profit listings, Free Classified Advertising and many other lists. Valleylists is a locally grown and locally focused portal with robust search technology built in. You can advertise your business with multiple photos and as much text as you would like to include for $60/year.



October, 2007

I have hit a new stride in being able to execute on a Graphic Design idea and quickly carry it to completion. How? That's the fun part. Creativity drives all aspects of my life. The process of making something from nothing is fascinating and fullfilling. In graphic design, much of the work occurs without so much as a pencil. The ideas that I work with usually form as images in my mind long before they are translated into paper or pixels.

I create as I drive. I create as I go to sleep at night. I create in the middle of the night. I start with the client. My process for any new project starts with an interview. Many of the questions will be the same from client to client, but then there is a level at which I simply allow conversation to steer the questions. It is in this interview that I will begin the process of designing the finished product, by listening to the client and drawing associations between what they say and the visual world that I inhabit. Often it is an intuitive process. Often I will be able to articulate in this first meeting what it is that the client is looking for - simply by following the threads of their thoughts and drawing on the visual parallels that occur to me.

I will usually do sketches during that first meeting which become the framework of the final product. In the words of Steven Covey "Begin with the end in Mind." Within the next days I will allow the images to flesh out in my mind before sitting down to the computer.

Once I begin work on the computer, much of the thinking has already been done. It it then my task to pull together all the ideas that I have been working with and give them a visually compelling look and congruence. What I find lacking in many designs is a coherent sense of structure underlying the artistic components of the piece. My background is in architecture and building. I bring this form to all my design. I create a consistent grid upon which all the elements are placed. Then it is a matter of playing with the individual elements to create harmony on the surface of the structure.

Feedback is my friend. I have learned in the process of designing that the most important asset I have is the criticism of my clients. My client has the answer I am looking for, even if they have no idea how to get there. This is another way in which I believe I am uniquely able to provide innovative design solutions. I am not stuck in my own box of tricks. I allow the freedom to explore what the client has brought to the table. By doing this I know that I will get a solution that they will be pleased with and that I will be proud of.




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