Some imagery is STOCK, other photos are my own. All design is © Boysen Hodgson.


MARKETING encompasses a lot of territory. From the simple postcard to the multiple piece Direct mail offering, from a sign in a window to a large format print to paper the walls of your trade show space. The most important thing to realize is that IT'S ALL IMPORTANT.

The visual image that you present of your business forms the foundation of your credibility. If poor quality marketing is the first thing that people see, those images will have a lasting impression and you will have to go to EXTRA lengths to overcome your bad marketing.

If you get the marketing right, you save time and energy to follow through on the things that matter most ... SALES and GETTING YOUR MESSAGE ACROSS.

Here I present a small portion of the marketing pieces I have done for different clients. Contact me to conduct a brief Marketing Analysis of your business and see what you might be missing.